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Athena, in hogtie bondage, has just soaked up a full-bag enema, while Veronica masturbates her

Featuring : Athena, Veronica and Andre Chance

Athena, now a cheerleader in college, returns to the dungeon where she was first introduced to kinky sex in her schoolgirl days (see her first film.)

There, she finds Veronica, a hot Latina, who makes her do some cheers – and then proceeds to place her on sex swing, strip her naked, put her in handcuffs, lick her toes, and oil her up all over!

But that’s just a warm-up! When Andre, her former school HeadMaster arrives, he places her in hogtie bondage, with Veronica’s assistance, then gives her an enema and fucks her in all 3 holes!

Afterwards, Athena learns how to be dominant, by practicing whipping, caning, etc, on Veronica, who gets tied up to the ceiling in a standing position, tiptoeing. Veronica’s butt turns flaming red, with pronounced welts!

Later, Athena gets to give Veronica an enema.

To finish up, the two girls take a bath together, and Andre makes both suck his cock.

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Part 1 (19 min) Cheerleader Athena does a number of cheers. Then Veronica places her on sex swing, strips her naked, puts her in handcuffs, licks her toes, and oils her up all over.

Note: Part 1 is a re-release of the old Part 1, at a 25% higher data rate. If you downloaded the old Part 1 prior to Feb. 18, 2012, you might consider re-downloading it. The later parts are NOT affected, because they were directly released at the new, higher resolution.

Part 2 (17 min) Veronica, now joined by Andre (Athena's former HeadMaster), continues dousing Athena in oil, and then hogties her on the sex swing, with handcuffs and ankle restraints.

While Veronica masturbates Athena with a wand vibrator, Andre finger-fucks Athena's pussy and ass, and then gives her an enema, using a large plastic nozzle, a red bag and a flow indicator. Athena soaks up the full bag and later expels the enema at length into buckets, still hogtied in suspension, while Veronica rubs her belly.

Part 3 (11 min) Andre fucks Athena, still hogtied on the sex swing, in all 3 holes. Meanwhile, Veronica masturbates Athena with her hand and with a wand vibrator. Both girls suck Andre’s cock.

In that same position, Athena sends out a “fountain” of pee into a bucket below, and she also expels a little more of her earlier enema.

Upon getting untied, Athena expels the rest of the enema on the toilet, while making out with Veronica.

Part 4 (10 min) Athena learns how to be dominant, by practicing whipping, paddling and caning, on Veronica, who tiptoes while tied up to the ceiling. Veronica’s butt turns flaming red, with pronounced welts! Athena covers her up in oil.

Part 5 (15.5 min) Later, Athena continues learning how to be dominant by giving Veronica an enema: it’s the first time that Athena gives an enema to another girl. Veronica expels her enema into a bucket first (while still tied up in a standing position), and then finishes up on the toilet.

(in alphabetical order; PARTIAL listing)
Ankle shackles or cuffs
Ass Fucking
Bare feet
Blow Job
Butt Plug (incl. Vibrators/Dildos used anally)
Butt turning red
Character : Cheerleader
Clothing : Cheerleader uniform
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Sexy / Skimpy
Cum in mouth
Dildos (used vaginally)
Enema - Hold the liquid
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Flow Indicator
Enema Nozzles - Large Plastic Nozzle
Enema Nozzles - Very Large Metal Nozzle
Ethnicity : Hispanic
Ethnicity : White
Finger-fucking ass
Fondling/stroking breasts
Hogtie bondage
Location - In Shower
Masturbate others
Paddles - Leather straps
Pee into Bucket
Pleasure Enemas
Positions : On Toilet
Pussy Fucking
Red enema bag
Riding crop
Setting : Bathroom
Setting : Bathtub
Setting : Dungeon-esque Room
Sex Swing
Spanking : bare-hand
Stripped / Undressing Others
Suspension Bondage
Taking bath
Taking shower
Tiptoeing in bondage
Wand vibrator
Welts from whipping/paddling/caning
Whipping (flogger)
Wrist restraints

NOTE: the above listing may not be complete

Thumbs Gallery :

Hot-Latina Veronica (L), and cheerleader Athena
Athena, in hogtie bondage, has just soaked up a full-bag enema, while Veronica masturbates her
Athena, hogtied in suspension bondage, expels her enema


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